Pikes Peak River Runners

1960's Canoe Championships

by Glen Roberts

The upper photo was taken in 1962 at Superstition Rapids in Glenwood Canyon below the power plant. The paddlers are Glen Roberts and Don Campbell. This race was to have been for the National Championship in  C2 class . Ten or twelve canoes showed up but after seeing the water conditions only two boats actually entered the race. Only Glen and Don got to the finish line so they won the race but did not get the National Championship since at least three canoes must be entered.

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The lower photo was taken in 1964 at Cottonwood Rapids during the FIBARK race from Salida to Cotopaxi. The paddlers are Glen Roberts and Jim Zacharias. This race too was to be for the National Championship and this time there were 5 entries so it was official. Among the competitors were the Novaks from Czechoslovakia who had won 2nd place in the World Championships. After 26 miles and 2hrs. 50 mins. Glen and Jim won the canoe class with the closest racers 5 mins. behind.