Pikes Peak River Runners

Arkansas at New Years!

by Dave Wimmer

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Second New Year's Day in a row for rafting.  I took my Puma with the oar frame, we had two 12-footers from the Air Force Academy and one ducky.  Great fun.  We're already planning for next year. 

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It was another good day on the river.  We were going to run the Gorge, but ice made it impossible.  So, we did Parkdale instead.  The ice and slush in the river made it hard to maneuver the boats.  Even in the Parkdale section, we had to portage across Ice Bridges in two places and got jammed up in another. 

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Mike and Joe in a 12-foot boat flipped their boat.  A thin layer of ice formed over the boats, so once they got it up against the ice/rock they couldn't high side and went over pretty quickly.  The only other trouble we had was at Puppy's.  There wasn't enough room to get the boats through.  One boat was working through the jam when the Joe and Mike hit it from the back.  Joe got a second swim out of it.

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Some of the pictures are blurred because the camera lens kept icing up.  Great time was had by all.

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